August 29, 2017

Marriage Licenses

Requirements for Marriage in the State of Tennessee are as follows:

-The licenses are good for 30 days in any county or state.

-There are no blood tests and no waiting period.

-A valid driver license, picture ID, or a certified birth certificate is required.

-Proof of social security number is required. If applicant does not have a social security number, no proof is required.

-Both parties must be present at the time of application for the license, unless one is incarcerated, in the military, or disabled.  An Affidavit will be required.

-Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Marriage requirements for juveniles 17 years of age:****

****The parents, next of kin, guardian or party having custody of the applicant shall join in the application, under oath, stating that the applicant is seventeen (17) years of age or over and that the applicant has their consent to marry.****

-The price is $45.00 with premarital counseling.

-The price is $105.00 without premarital counseling.

-Copies of Marriage Certificates may be obtained online by clicking the link below, at the County Clerk’s office, or by mail for $5.00 each. The mailing address is listed below.

Pam Ailor
Union County Clerk
825 Main Street
Maynardville, TN 37807

Online Marriage License Application can be found here

Marriage Record Look Up